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Escort Abbreviations Explained

Definition of Escort Services

Escort services refer to the provision of companionship and entertainment by individuals, often referred to as escorts, who are hired for various social, travel, and personal engagements. These services can vary widely in scope, ranging from attending social events to providing private companionship.

Importance of Understanding Escort Terms and Abbreviations

Understanding the terminology and abbreviations used within the escort industry is crucial for both clients and service providers. This knowledge helps ensure clear communication, sets proper expectations, and enhances safety for all parties involved.

Common Escort Terms


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An escort is an individual who offers companionship and entertainment services for a fee. They can be hired for various occasions, including social events, private gatherings, and travel.


An escort agency is a business that connects clients with escorts. Agencies typically handle the marketing, booking, and management of escorts, providing an additional layer of safety and professionalism.

Independent Escort

An independent escort operates without an agency, managing their own bookings and marketing. They often have more control over their schedules and client interactions.


In-call refers to a service where the client visits the escort’s location. This can be a private residence or a designated location provided by the escort.


Out-call escort services involve the escort traveling to the client’s location, which can be a private residence, hotel, or other agreed-upon venue.

GFE (Girlfriend Experience)

The Girlfriend Experience (GFE) is a type of service where the GFE escort provides a more intimate and emotional interaction, resembling a romantic relationship. This can include activities like kissing, cuddling, and conversation.

PSE (Porn Star Experience)

The Porn Star Experience (PSE) involves more explicit and adventurous activities, often mimicking scenes from adult films. This service typically includes a range of sexual acts and role-playing scenarios.

FBSM (Full Body Sensual Massage)

Full Body Sensual Massage (FBSM) is a service where the escort provides a sensual and relaxing massage, often incorporating elements of body-to-body contact and erotic touch.


BDSM stands for Bondage, Discipline, Dominance, Submission, Sadism, and Masochism. It encompasses a variety of activities and roles focused on power dynamics, physical restraint, and consensual pain or humiliation.


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A duo refers to a service where two escorts are hired together to provide companionship and entertainment, often involving interactions with both clients simultaneously.

Abbreviations and Acronyms

BFE (Boyfriend Experience)

The Boyfriend Experience (BFE) is similar to GFE but provided by male escorts. It includes activities that mimic a romantic relationship, such as emotional intimacy and affectionate interaction.

BBBJ (Bareback Blowjob)

Bareback Blowjob (BBBJ) refers to oral sex performed without a condom. This service is often discussed with an emphasis on safety and mutual consent.

CBJ (Covered Blowjob)

Covered Blowjob (CBJ) is oral sex performed with a condom, prioritizing safety and protection against sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

CIM (Come in Mouth)

Come in Mouth (CIM) is a service where the client ejaculates in the escort’s mouth. This service is usually negotiated and agreed upon beforehand.

COF (Come on Face)

Come on Face (COF) refers to a service where the client ejaculates on the escort’s face. This is another service that requires prior consent and discussion.

DATY (Dining at the Y)

Dining at the Y (DATY) is a euphemism for performing oral sex on a female escort. This service is often included in the GFE or PSE packages.

DFK (Deep French Kissing)

Deep French Kissing (DFK) involves intimate and passionate kissing with open mouths and tongue interaction, commonly part of the GFE.

MSOG (Multiple Shots on Goal)

Multiple Shots on Goal (MSOG) refers to the client’s ability to ejaculate multiple times during a single session with the escort. This service is typically agreed upon in advance.

RCG (Reverse Cowgirl)

Reverse Cowgirl (RCG) is a sexual position where the client lies on their back while the escort straddles them facing away, providing a visually stimulating experience.

SOG (Shot on Goal)

Shot on Goal (SOG) is a term used to describe a single ejaculation during a session with an escort. It can be part of various service packages.

Escort Categories

High-End Escorts

High-end escorts provide luxurious and exclusive services, often catering to affluent clients. They offer premium experiences, including high-quality companionship, discretion, and exceptional service.

Elite Escorts

Elite escorts are among the top tier in the industry, known for their beauty, sophistication, and professionalism. They typically charge higher rates and provide exceptional services.

VIP Escorts

VIP escorts cater to very important persons (VIPs), offering personalized and discreet services. They often have extensive experience and provide tailored experiences for their clients.

Budget Escorts

Budget escorts offer more affordable services, catering to clients looking for companionship without breaking the bank. They still provide quality services but at lower rates.

Erotic Masseuses

Erotic masseuses specialize in providing sensual and erotic massages, often incorporating elements of relaxation and intimacy into their services.

Services Offered


Companionship services involve spending time with clients in various settings, such as social events, dinners, or simply providing company during leisure time.

Social Events

Escorts can be hired to accompany clients to social events, such as parties, corporate functions, and gatherings, providing companionship and enhancing the client’s social experience.

Travel Companion

Escorts can serve as travel companions, accompanying clients on trips and vacations. They provide company, assistance, and enhance the overall travel experience.

Private Parties

Private parties often involve hiring escorts to provide entertainment and companionship in a more intimate and controlled environment, tailored to the client’s preferences.


Role-playing services involve escorts acting out specific scenarios or fantasies requested by the client. This can include a variety of themes and activities, adding an element of adventure and excitement.

Legal Considerations

Legality of Escort Services

The legality of escort services varies widely depending on the country and region. Some places have legalized and regulated escort services, while others prohibit them entirely. It’s essential to understand local laws and regulations.

Legal Risks and Protections

Both clients and escorts face legal risks if they operate in regions where escort services are illegal. Understanding these risks and taking precautions, such as operating within legal boundaries, is crucial.

Screening and Safety Measures

Screening and safety measures are essential to protect both clients and escorts. This includes verifying identities, conducting background checks, and setting clear expectations and boundaries.

Safety Tips for Clients

Importance of Screening Escorts

Clients should prioritize screening escorts to ensure safety and compatibility. This can include checking reviews, verifying credentials, and communicating directly with the escort or agency.

Meeting in Public Places

For initial meetings, it’s advisable to choose public places to ensure safety and comfort. This provides a neutral environment for both parties to get acquainted.

Communication of Boundaries

Clear communication of boundaries and expectations is crucial for a positive experience. Both clients and escorts should discuss and agree on the services and limits beforehand.

Use of Protection

Using protection, such


Safety Tips for Clients

Use of Protection

Using protection, such as condoms, during any sexual activity is essential to prevent sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and ensure mutual safety. Both parties should prioritize this aspect to maintain health and well-being.

Safety Tips for Escorts

Client Screening Techniques

Escorts should implement thorough client screening techniques to ensure their safety. This can include verifying the client’s identity, checking references, and having initial conversations to gauge compatibility and intentions.

Establishing Boundaries

Setting clear boundaries is crucial for escorts to maintain control and ensure a comfortable experience. Communicating these boundaries upfront helps prevent misunderstandings and ensures that both parties are on the same page.

Safe Call Procedures

Safe call procedures involve notifying a trusted person about the details of a meeting, including the client’s information and location. This adds an extra layer of safety, ensuring that someone is aware of the escort’s whereabouts.

Self-Defense Tips

Learning self-defense techniques can empower escorts to protect themselves in potentially dangerous situations. Basic self-defense knowledge can be a valuable skill for ensuring personal safety.

How to Hire an Escort

Research and Selection

Thorough research is the first step in hiring an escort. Clients should explore different agencies and independent escorts, read reviews, and consider their preferences and requirements before making a selection.

Contacting and Communication

Effective communication is key to a successful arrangement. Clients should reach out to the escort or agency through the preferred communication channels, ask relevant questions, and discuss expectations and services offered.

Setting Expectations

Clearly defining and setting expectations ensures that both the client and the escort have a mutual understanding of the services to be provided. This includes discussing the duration of the booking, activities, and any special requests.

Payment and Etiquette

Understanding the payment structure and etiquette is important. Clients should discuss the fees, payment methods, and any additional costs upfront. Maintaining respectful and courteous behavior throughout the interaction is also essential.

FAQs about Escort Services

What is the Difference Between an Escort and a Prostitute?

While both escorts and prostitutes offer sexual services, the key difference lies in the scope and nature of the services. Escorts often provide companionship and social interaction, with sexual activities being just one aspect of their services. Prostitutes typically focus solely on sexual services.

Are Escort Services Legal?

The legality of escort services varies by country and region. Some places have legalized and regulated escort services, while others may have strict laws against them. It’s important to research and understand the local legal framework before engaging in these services.

How Do I Choose a Reliable Escort?

Choosing a reliable escort involves researching, reading reviews, and verifying credentials. Opting for reputable agencies or well-reviewed independent escorts can enhance the likelihood of a positive and safe experience.

What Should I Expect During an Escort Booking?

During an escort booking, clients can expect to receive the agreed-upon services in a respectful and professional manner. This may include companionship, social interaction, and any specific services discussed beforehand.

How Can I Ensure My Safety When Hiring an Escort?

Ensuring safety when hiring an escort involves thorough screening, clear communication, meeting in public places for initial encounters, and using protection during sexual activities. Both clients and escorts should prioritize safety and mutual respect.

Summary of Escort Terms & Abbreviations

Recap of Key Points

Understanding the terms and abbreviations used in the escort industry is crucial for both clients and service providers. Knowledge of common terms, services offered, legal considerations, and safety tips can enhance the overall experience and ensure a safer interaction.

Importance of Educated Choices in Escort Services

Making educated choices in escort services involves thorough research, clear communication, and adherence to safety practices. By being informed and prepared, both clients and escorts can enjoy a more positive and secure experience.